The Alberta Water Tool is a point-and-click tool that helps scientists, industry explorers, communities and government decision-makers to understand accurate, real-time information about water resources in Alberta.

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*NEW* The Alberta Water Tool now contains data for the lower Athabasca River Watershed, from the Sustainable Water Management in the Athabasca River Basin Initiative. This project was delivered by WaterSMART Solutions Ltd. and enabled through funding provided by Alberta Innovates, Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Environment and Parks, ATCO, Repsol Oil and Gas, Suncor Energy, and Westmoreland Coal Company.


Each report generated by the Alberta Water Tool would take a contracted professional hydrologist days or weeks to create. The information we provide is just as accurate, scientifically rigorous, and detailed, only it’s delivered on-demand in seconds.


Our analysis engine gathers, crunches and presents hydrological data from 30,600 surface and groundwater allocation points, and 185 hydrometric stations, for 181,000 unique watersheds in Alberta.


The Alberta Water Tool is free for anyone to use and explore.

"The Alberta Water Tool takes vast reams of data and turns it into a really useful report that accurately explains water resources to anybody."
Allan Chapman
Senior Water Resource Specialist, BC Oil and Gas Commission

Features & Benefits

1. Save time and money

Each report generated by the Alberta Water Tool would take a contracted professional hydrologist days or weeks to create. The information provided by the Alberta Water Tool is just as accurate, scientifically rigorous, and detailed, only it’s delivered on-demand in a matter of seconds.

2. Accurate and scientifically rigorous

The analysis engine that gathers, crunches and presents hydrological data from hundreds of federal, provincial, and municipal hydrometric monitoring stations, was developed by innovative water scientists at Foundry Spatial, an environmental science and consulting firm with a proven track record – having delivered hydrology modelling and decision support tools for more than 1,000,000 km² of Western Canada. The data is as verifiably accurate and scientifically robust as any hydrological data, anywhere. It’s the real deal. Please read more about what went into our engine, we’re proud of it!

3. Detailed information about specific areas

Some important water data is difficult to get – stored in “unfriendly repositories” with significant barriers to access. We get it for you, fast. The Alberta Water tool uses an online map with an easy, point-and-click interface. You select the specific area you want to better understand, and all of the known water data for that area is gathered, crunched, and reformatted in a helpful, easy-to-read report that provides you with immediate answers to highly-targeted resource management questions.

4. Constantly updated, consistently accurate

Water is fluid, and so is water information. For example, water licence information is updated all the time, as is stream flow data. The Alberta Water Tool gives you free access to the latest regional water information for every report you generate.

5. We make raw data meaningful

Complicated answers are usually bad answers. The Alberta Water Tool turns raw, complicated data into meaningful, useful information for industry explorers, government decision-makers, researchers and other interested stakeholders. Responsible resource management decision-makers and industry experts need hard science to inform their actions; concerned citizens, community groups and environmental associations need to clearly and easily understand what is going on today to better plan for an uncertain and rapidly changing future.

6. Play to your strengths, efficiently

Resource management experts can now replace repetitive, time-consuming data gathering tasks with higher-order impact analysis and planning work. The Alberta Water Tool disrupts the current environmental consulting market by allowing water management professionals to focus their time and efforts on understanding and improving stewardship of the resource.

7. Be responsible, do the right thing

Surface water in rivers, lakes and streams is a critical resource for natural ecosystems. The Alberta Water Tool helps us all be good environmental citizens, acting responsibly with water resources by providing trustworthy, real-time information on surface water resources, existing water allocations, and the needs of the natural environment.


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